What I like Wednesday: Tissues

I don’t give enough credit to tissues. And I should, because I use them all the time.

I’m not sure if it’s allergies, the cold, or just the shape of my nose, but I seem to blow my nose quite frequently. Whatever the reason, I would be high and dry (or really, high and wet) without tissues.

Thank you tissues, for being soft and usually the right size and thickness for my runny nose needs.

They’re also handy in a pinch if you don’t have napkins (which I also use a lot of).

And don’t forget how pretty those tissue boxes can be. Bam, instant decoration.

They also help spread friendship. My friend Katie was awesome enough to send me a packet of Kleenex in the mail. The little box now sits at my desk at work, brightening up my little cubicle (and coming in handy when I need to blow my nose but can’t get up).

Tissues are a great invention! Live on fluffy paper!