I’m doing it again: daily post for month of March

I feel so isolated from my blog these days. I feel like I hardly post anymore, and it makes me sad. So I’ve decided that I will post once a day during March to kick things up.

I’d like to see how much traffic I can get with more frequent posting. I want to see if I can get more regular readers, and get those people to start commenting!

So let the March Madness (hehe) begin!

Today was a pretty good day at work. I was surprised to find that I had two classes I got to go to today to help improve my calls. I had signed up for them a week or so ago but no one had told me when I’d actually be taking them.

So I got two hours off the call floor to learn about helping customers. I also had a one on one with my supervisor. She’s so awesome and friendly that it’s always a joy to meet with her. And finally, I had a woman from the Kindle department listen in to my Kindle calls. She was there to see if there was anything I thought could be improved in the call process. It was nice to be able to give my opinion and know she was listening. I also rocked those Kindle calls! Bring on your Kindle problems, I can (try to) fix them!

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