I’m not much for shopping I guess

I thought I’d go shopping this evening after work since Gene is gone. I figured I would look for a sweatshirt since I would like a new one. So I headed over to Ross first since it’s pretty much across the street from work.

I was crazy to go there. The place was so dirty, there was stuff all over, and it was so crowded. So I left almost right away. Of course then I decided I should go to Target since I have a gift card and I’m already out anyways.

That was a bad idea too. It was packed and there was nothing I really wanted. Besides, sweatshirts aren’t in season right now, not sure what I was thinking.

I guess I’m not much for shopping. I have to really be in the mood for it to not dislike it so much.

And now, here I am, watching some more Dr. Who and wondering what I shall do the rest of the evening. What’s your favorite evening activity?


One thought on “I’m not much for shopping I guess

  1. Next time you’re in the area, you should go to the ross here in Redmond. It’s new, its ALWAYS clean and organized, and usually very empty! Also, Old Navy has some great sweatshirts on sale right now! Mitchell and I got some for pretty cheap there! (And Jeans for $19 but that sale is over, if you really need jeans though let me know I have a coupon good through the end of May!)

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