Yusuke’s visit

So Yusuke is in Washington right now. He spent a night here in Kennewick and then today we (Gene, Yusuke, and I) drove to Ellensburg.

I needed to go through my storage unit to try to get rid of more stuff and Yusuke was going to meet up with some of his friends. So we headed up there in two cars (Yusuke has a rental car). Had Jack in the Box for lunch.

Then Gene and I went to the storage unit and organized it a bit. After that, we had a couple of hours to kill before we were gonna meet Yusuke for dinner so we went on a walk by a river. It was a windy, cold day, but the path was very pretty.

After walking we went to the Student Union building at Central. We browsed the bookstore there so I could try to get ideas for the reddit book exchange I signed up for (anyone know any good political/spy thriller books?).

Then Gene and I just sat down and attempted to do a crossword puzzle that fizzled out when I couldn’t think of any Queen Latifah movies. We did finish the sudoku puzzle though.

Yusuke showed up later on and we ate dinner at Sugar Thai, a favorite of all of ours. And now here I am, back in the Tri Cities. What a day.

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