Parents and their odd ways

Gene and I try to go walking every evening after I get back from work. Sometimes there are soccer practices going on at the park when we are out there. What we find really strange is that a good portion of the parents just park at the park and stay in their cars for the entire practice.

They just line up next to each other and then proceed to ignore one another while they all sit in their own cars, reading, playing on their phones, or just staring blankly out onto the field.

It’s very odd.

And what’s even worse, as Gene pointed out, is that some of these people have their cars running the whole time. And many of these cars are those huge SUVs that are definitely not good for the environment.

Now, I can maybe understand staying in your car when it’s cold outside, but it’s a lot warmer now. And heck, your kids are out there. If they can handle it, so can you!

Parents are really weird sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Parents and their odd ways

  1. I would be one of those parents standing outside watching my child play. What I find strange is that parents want their children to socialise with their age group – but they, themselves, do not set the example.

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