Praise for an 85 year old woman

I walked an 85 year old woman through a USB Kindle transfer today.

USB transfers are somewhat common Kindle calls. I get them a few times a week, I’d say. They’re not that difficult if the customer knows his way around a computer. The problem is, the customers that call, are more than likely the ones that know almost nothing about computers (hence they call us).

So when I walk customers through USB transfers it’s often a painful process.

However, the call I had today was fantastic. I was so impressed with the customer I had today. We went through the steps fairly quickly and she didn’t really mess up or delay the process.

At the end of the call she mentioned how she was 85 years old and was just trying to figure this stuff out. I was even more impressed with her upon finding that out. I mean, I was so impressed and so proud and so amazed. I told her she was an awesome person and she deserved a medal.

Because she really is and she really does. There are people way younger than her who can’t figure it out. I give her so many props and kudos and credit for not only navigating a Kindle but navigating a USB transfer! And it should be noted that she did most of the transfer even before she called, but the instructions the previous associate had sent her were a bit confusing and held her up. She probably could have done it on her own if the guy had done a better job describing the last step.

So way to go woman I spoke with today! You make me love humanity! You make me think that when I’m 85 years old I’ll be able to handle all the new technology too. Thanks! You’re amazing!

(And kudos to my mom too who finally figured out how to use email!)

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