What I Like Thursday: Celebrities that converse with their fans

Recently, more and more celebrities have done AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on reddit‘s IAMA board. This is when the celebrity posts a message on reddit’s forum and users get to post anything they want in response. A conversation begins when fans can ask questions and celebrities can respond, all over the web.

I love when famous people do this. It makes them so much more real to me, more down to earth.

By doing an AMA, they’re letting their fans ask them questions that fans have always wanted to ask. And the fans don’t even have to stand in line! We get to meet this person, for free, and see how he/she is behind the camera.

reddit has had the privelege of having people such as Dany Pudi (Abed from Community), Grant Imahara (Mythbusters), Louis C.K. (comedian and Parks and Rec), Penn and Teller (magicians),  and Anthony Bourdain (No Reservations). The list goes on.

It’s just so awesome that these people who are probably very busy, take time out of their days to go onto reddit, an internet community, and converse with their fans. The celebrities that do this make me like them even more.  To me, it shows that they care about the every day people. I hope more famous people do this more often.

3 thoughts on “What I Like Thursday: Celebrities that converse with their fans

    1. I actually didn’t ask any questions. I always get there once the celebrities have already left :(. But I do enjoy reading all the questions and answers.

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