So…I’m moving to Colorado

It’s official. I will be moving to Colorado in mid-April. It’s been a while coming. I’ve thought about it for a long time and have made a decision.

Today was my last day at Amazon. I was both sad and excited. Sad because this was my first real job and because I met a lot of awesome people there who I will definitely miss. And excited because it means my move to Colorado is coming sooner which means I’ll get to see my immediate family sooner.

I know this is kind of an abrupt notice but I wanted to keep everything on the down low until a decision had actually been made and plans were being put in place.

So here I am, letting the internet world know. I’ll be hanging around Kennewick for the next couple of weeks if anyone is interested in visiting. Then,  Gene and I will go to California on April 6th for a little vacation. Once we get back I’ll pretty much get up and move.

The plan is for Gene to stay in Kennewick until I can find a new job and get my own apartment. Then Gene will come to Colorado as well and look for a job there. So there you go.

In other news, Gene made three batches of oatmeal cookies today. I think it was kind of in celebration of my last day of work and kind of just because. Either way, they are mighty delicious. If you come over, you’re welcome to have some.

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