Hunger Games: Movie Review

Note: there are potential tiny spoilers in here so if you’re really picky, you have been warned.

I had the joy of watching The Hunger Games with two of my friends yesterday. I had been hearing good reviews so I was looking forward to going to it. Because I had read the books I was quite interested in seeing how well the movie compared.

I have to say, it did pretty well. It may be one of the best book to movie adaptations we’ve had recently. Maybe even better than Harry Potter? It followed the book almost to a tee, only leaving out a few things and adding in others.

I thought it was interesting how they showed the mechanics of the Hunger Games, how they used technology to make the game function. I felt like maybe it was a bit extreme in some cases though. For example, when the dog-like monsters toward the end just randomly appeared in the arena. I felt like that was a bit unrealistic and not too true to the book. These monsters were created, they were real, they need to enter the arena through a real method, i.e. a door.

The scenery and costumes of the movie were fantastic. I mean, fantastic. The way District 12 looked was almost exactly how I pictured it. So dirty, so poor. I think perhaps houses would be a bit closer to one another though. And I did wonder about some of the outfits the people wore. They seemed too outdated almost. I mean, if we went into an all out war right now that wouldn’t mean we’d start wearing clothes from the 1950s.

I really enjoyed the Capital in the movie. Well, enjoyed it in the sense that I loved how it looked and how the people dressed. The outfits the citizens of the Capital wore were so out there and colorful. True to the book yet again. I do wish that some of the people had dyed skin, like the book describes though. The only dyed part of the body was the hair in this movie.

I applaud all the people that worked on this movie. Both readers and non-readers of the book can enjoy it and understand it. Although not all the characters were how I pictured them, that’s to be expected. Everyone did a great job. If you don’t mind paying at least$7 bucks and you’re a little bit interested in the plot, go see The Hunger Games.

I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.