Lovely day out

Today, we went around the Tri Cities so Katie and Mitch could see the area.

First we went to a park by the Columbia River.  We walked along the river for a bit and then played swords on a nearby stage. I fenced with both Katie and Elisabeth with sticks. Then we looked at a pretty cool playground. The playground is called Playground of Dreams. It was really awesome looking (we were too old to go in). It was like a castle with all these hidden passages (at least they looked like hidden passages) and they had swings and a bridge-like thing. It was neat-o. It was really windy outside though so we left soon after seeing the playground.

After that we went to Adventures Underground, a nerd store. It’s such an awesome store. They almost have everything under the sun: Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, comic books, Dungeons and Dragons, books, etc. I believe everyone had a wonderful time there. That’s where I would go if I had loads of money.

We headed back home after Adventures Underground. I took a different route home so everyone could see a different area of Kennewick. We had some tasty lunch and then played Blur, a race car video game.

Blur was so fun. We figured out how to get rid of the computer cars (which are no fun at all) which made the game at least twice as fun. It gives us a much better chance of getting first place.

Katie and Mitch went home after that. Elisabeth, Gene, and I then did a 500 piece puzzle in about an hour. We watched an episode of Dr. Who and had some Costco pizza.

Overall it was a very lovely day out. Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

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