Springtime with friends

This morning Elisabeth, Gene, and I went to a Chinese buffet for breakfast/lunch to meet up with some of my old co-workers. We met a few new people and I ate loads of food. It was a pretty good Chinese buffet, I have to say. They had delicious garlic bread (heehee) and really good cheese wantons. I had multiple plates and came home quite satisfied.

When we got home we watched some TV (Doctor Who included) and then went on a walk. The walk was so nice and pleasant. It was a bit windy but the sun was out. We threw around a frisbee for a bit but after a while I got nervous that I was going to get sunburned so we headed back.

Once home I made a sandwich (more food om nom nom) and Elisabeth and I read outside in the backyard for a bit. The rest of the evening we’ve just hung out. We made cheddar broccoli soup for dinner and Elisabeth is now playing The Sims (her house is very cute).

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