Errands and hike at Badger Mountain yesterday

Guess what guys?

Yesterday I sold my car!

I feel like such an adult. I called different places, went to different places, cleaned my car, and signed stuff. I no longer own a car. It’s really weird to think I can’t just hop in my Intrepid and go wherever I want. It was a great first car (although quite frustrating at times) and I will miss it. On to new things!

After selling my car, Elisabeth, Gene, and I went to Best Buy to test Elisabeth’s computer’s power cord. It’s busted. /cry /cry. So she doesn’t have a computer right now. So sad.

Elisabeth and me showing our awesome muscles!

Then we headed to Badger Mountain to hike it again. This time however we started at a different point. It was such a beautiful day. The best day we’ve had so far while Elisabeth has been here so it was perfect for a hike. This trail was a bit steeper than the previous one we took but it was a lovely view.

Does anyone know what kind of bird is in the picture below? I thought it was really cool, look how yellow it is! Best (and only) picture I was able to take, it hopped away soon after me taking this:

Once we got to the top we took some pictures, ate some sandwiches, and enjoyed the surroundings. Soon after we headed back down, taking a different route to the bottom.

Of course, after hiking we had to go eat some ice cream. So we went to Baskin Robins and got some tasty cool, refreshing dessert. I got  Snickers ice cream, it was tasty.

We then had fajitas for dinner, watched some TV, and hung out with Andrew, one of Gene’s old high school friends. It was a fantastic day!

2 thoughts on “Errands and hike at Badger Mountain yesterday

    1. I’m surprised that Gene didn’t know one of my favorite birds! They featured very prominently in the years we spent on Horse Heaven… have a wonderful song!

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