My trip to California!

Me and Gene on the airplane, ready to go to California


Sean (my cousin) and his girlfriend, Vanessa, picked me and Gene up at the airport and we went to City Walk. City Walk is this outdoor strip mall area next to Universal City. We walked around for a bit and then had dinner at Hardrock Cafe. Afterwards we went to Sean and Vanessa’s apartment where we played Settlers of Catan. Gene and I got to meet Silent Bob, their little dog. He’s really cute and friendly. Literally every time I saw him, he was wagging his tail.


Montse and I by the Santa Monica Pier

The first activity we did was go mini golfing. I almost lost my ball twice and Sean did lose his once to a pond. I am proud to say that I did get a hole in one! Even with that though, I came in last place. Haha, I’m used to it.

After mini golfing we ate at an awesome Japanese restaurant where you grill your own food. We went during happy hour so the dishes were a lot cheaper. We ordered a bit of everything: beef, chicken, spinach, asparagus, wontons. We even ordered fried calamari and I tried one!

View of the beach from the ferris wheel

Once lunch was done we drove to Santa Monica where we walked along 3rd St Promenade, a pedestrian street with loads and loads of shops and people. Then we met up with Montse, a girl from Spain who had stayed with my family a long time ago! I hadn’t seen her since 2009 so I was so happy she randomly was in California while I was! We walked down to the pier and rode the ferris wheel. The view was so gorgeous and it was so nice to catch up with Montse and to meet her boyfriend.

That evening I had In and Out burger for the first time ever (it was pretty decent) and we played Killer Bunnies (a confusing game at first but somewhat similar to Munchkin and quite fun).


Patrick Stewart's (Captain Jean Luc Picard from Star Trek) star

We had lunch at Soul Dogs, a Southern restaurant that serves chicken and waffles on Sunday. So obviously we all had chicken and waffles. First time I had ever tried that combination, and let me say, it was tasty!

We then took the subway to Hollywood Boulevard. We saw the Chinese theater, all the stars on the sidewalk, the hand prints and footprints, and the Hollywood sign. There were a lot of performers there. A lot. We saw Michael Jackson, Iron Man, a Transformer, and Barney, to name a few. We took a break from walking and had drinks at a bar/restaurant (except for Gene of course). I tried a bellini, which was like a champagne smoothie. Not exactly sure what was all in it but it was pretty dang tasty. It was the first alcoholic drink that I actually enjoyed. It was so refreshing.

The gang holding a gigantic snake.

Before heading back to Sean’s apartment we took a picture with a huge snake and shoved ourselves into a photo booth for a quick photo op. I also bought a sweatshirt! I’m happy because I’ve been wanting a new sweatshirt for months now, so glad I found one!

Back at the apartment we played Killer Bunnies again and then played Life. Then we went to dinner around 10 pm. We went to a restaurant called BJ’s. We had some mini pizzas, avocado rolls, and fried artichoke hearts. And for dessert we had this most delicious chocolate chip cookie with ice cream on top. It was so warm and gooey. I know my sister, Kaitlin, would have loved it!

I had such an awesome, amazing, wonderful time. I plan on going back for longer next time.

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