Day trip to the mountains

View of Empire and the mountains

It was a beautiful day yesterday so my parents and I decided to drive up into the Rocky Mountains a bit just to enjoy the sites. We went up to Idaho Springs where we just drove through town, looking at all the old, tiny houses. Then we stopped in Empire, an even smaller town. My dad got an ice cream and I took some pictures.

View down Central City's streets.

We then headed to Central City. From the parts that I saw I would call it an old gold mining town turned into a row of casinos. I know there’s more to the town than I saw but the street I was on was literally casino after casino.

We went into one of the casinos were my dad gave me $10 and I lost it in less than 5 minutes. We all played the slot machines. I really had no clue what I was doing, although I did win back a bit of money for a few rounds. No wonder casinos make loads of money, it’s so easy to lose it so quickly.

Another view of Central City

We ended up eating at a restaurant above one of the casinos where we met a 75 year old woman whose grandfather worked in the gold mines there. She was chalk full of historical information, it was really interesting listening to her explain the history of the town. According to her, Central City was the town that President Ulysses Grant went to in order to discuss making Colorado a state.

During the summer, Central City has an opera and they give tours of some of the old buildings. I think my family and I will go again sometime so we can take part in all of that.

After dinner we went back home. I love how it took us about an hour to get to that area. I think I’m going to like living in Colorado. 🙂

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