Hanging out at Kaitlin and Kevin’s

I’m staying a few nights with Kaitlin and Kevin.

Today I designed and made a shirt with Kaitlin’s help. We used her Cricut machine to print out the stencils.

Then we arranged the stencils onto a white shirt I had gotten at a thrift store and ironed them on.

I painted everything and did my magic and now the shirt is (almost) done. I just need to erase a bit of pencil and the shirt will be perfect. I’ll post a picture on my blog once I have one.

Step 2 of the process: painting in the stencils. What could I be making?!
Miracle onesie by Kaitlin

Kaitlin decorated a little onsie with the word “miracle” on it. It’s oh so very cute.

I also watched a lot of birds today. First, there is a pigeon nest on Kaitlin and Kevin’s deck. The pigeons are huge. I mean, they are the largest pigeons I have ever seen. We weren’t sure when the eggs were going to hatch so it was quite a surprise when they hatched todayI don’t have any pictures because the parent pigeons kinda take up most of the room but I can tell you the babies are tiny, featherless, and kinda hard to see. Hehe.

Blue bird on the lookout

There were also two other birds that hung out on the deck this morning. I think they were trying to stake some claim as well but I don’t see them anymore so my guess is the pigeons won.

In other news, both my elbows were having some kind of weird reaction (allergic maybe?) yesterday. They were all poofy and red and there were small rashes around them. It was really odd cause I’m not sure what my elbows would have touched that another part of my body wouldn’t have. Either way I put on some cream and they seem better now.

Kaitlin is making dinner now and I’m ready to read some more Game of Thrones . Such a great book, read it if you haven’t, and you like fantasy/medieval plots. Tata for now.

2 thoughts on “Hanging out at Kaitlin and Kevin’s

    1. She’s thinking about starting an Etsy store and selling baby (and maybe little kid clothes too?) clothes along with some other stuff. So she was practicing.

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