Day Trip to the Rocky Mountain National Forest

This past Saturday, my parents, Kevin, and I went up into the Rocky Mountains.

First we stopped to have lunch in Estes Park. We ate at a really delicious place called Notchtop Cafe. The prices were great and I ended up getting an After Thanksgiving Sandwich with sweet potato fries. It was all very tasty and afterward we got some baked goods from the bakery section. Brownies, lemon bars, cinnamon rolls, pie, pecan bars. Oh my, I love me some good dessert.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

After lunch we stopped by the Stanley Hotel to see the inspiration for The Shining. It was quite beautiful and old fashioned.

Then we headed into the National Park so we could go to the Alluvial Fan. Kevin and I hiked up the fan quite a ways, farther than I’ve been before. Climbing up was fairly easy but getting back down was a bit more perilous. There really isn’t a path up the waterfall, you just climb up rocks wherever makes sense. So going down was kinda difficult. We did end up finding a kind of path away from the rocks but eventually it ended and we had to make our way back to the rocks for the final descent. We got back safely of course.

View of the mountains from the Stanley Hotel

Then Kevin and I went on another trail nearby for an hour to get a bit more exercise and see the beauty. We saw a glimpse of the Alluvial Fan waterfall at the end of our journey. I wonder if we had gone farther could we have seen it better.

My dad then drove us to this dirt road that took us to a valley with a herd of elk. Kevin estimated there were at least 60, probably a bit more. After that we went back to Estes Park and got some drinks from McDonald’s. I tried their mango pineapple smoothie, which was really good.

We got back home at 7:30 pm. It was a great day. Gotta love hiking in the Rocky Mountains!

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