What I like Wednesday: Kindle Fire

Kevin was so awesome a couple weeks ago to give me his Kindle Fire! Yeah, I know,really awesome. I could not believe it, I was so thrilled and surprised and excited!

I am really enjoying it too. The battery lasts fairly long, it’s easy to navigate, and it’s fun! This may sound silly but I really like the background images when you turn the Kindle back on.

I have a few free apps on there already like Words with Friends, Fruit Ninja, and Sudoku Free. I also like how Amazon has a Free App of the Day. The other day an app called Factbook was free. It provides different information about countries like population, life expectancy, and standard of living. I wasn’t sure if I would use the app but I figured since it was free and I didn’t have to put it on my Fire right away that I might as well get it! So I did! I just love that!

I also found a free SciFi magazine that I subscribed too. Still gotta read it all but still how cool is it that I’m subscribed to an online magazine?! I still need to test out the the videos while I have a free month of Prime. I think I might need to buy a Prime subscription after this.

I do wish that more books were part of the Prime Lending Library. But part of the problem is that some of the Kindle books are from publishers other than Amazon so they likely are not part of the library. Poo on you publishers! 😛

I’m looking forward to using the Fire as my main mobile internet access device. My netbook now is slowly dying so the Fire will replace it eventually. It’s a great size and it’s full of possibilities! Thanks Kevin and thanks Amazon!

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