Fun times this past Thursday and Friday.

The past couple of days have been pretty fun for me. On Thursday I drove up to Boulder to visit my old childhood friend, Mariana. I hadn’t seen Mariana for a year and I’ve never really been to Boulder before so I was really excited.

Getting there was a bit of a hassle because my GPS decided I needed to drive through Denver instead of just taking the highway. That was quite frustrating, although it’s possible that the highway was traffic jammed to the max and I saved time but I spent roughly 30 minutes driving through Denver only to get right back on the highway. Argh.

Happy to be in Boulder

Seeing Mariana was so lovely. She took me to Pearl Street, the downtown of Boulder. It’s a pedestrian street and boy is it pretty. Like Mariana said, it looks slightly European. The streets are clean and the shops are expensive (and filled with lovely things). We ate dinner at the Boulder Cafe. The prices were affordable and when we went it was happy hour which meant appetizers were half-off. I had the Italian Garden Primavera with garlic bread. There was plenty, I didn’t eat it all, and it was creamy and delicious. We stopped by a few shops, including a toy store. I was thinking about buying something just for fun but I couldn’t find anything I loved loved. Another time. I had such a fantastic evening.

Then, Friday evening I went to Panera Bread with another childhood friend, Kellie. It was so nice to catch up. We chatted about old times and new times. Kellie might be able to help me get a job so I’m very grateful that she’s willing to help. I need to hang out with Kellie and Marian again!

After dinner with Kellie I went out to another restaurant, Old Chicago, to celebrate my sister, Kaitlin, getting a job! She is going to be a 2nd grade teacher at a private Christian school. She’s really excited and we’re all very happy for her.

So that was my Thursday and Friday! I’ll post about Saturday and Sunday later. Busy busy.

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