My fantastic weekend.

This past Saturday I went to watch the play, Red, where my friend Dana is part of the crew. The play is being shown at the Curious Theater Company in downtown Denver. The play tells the story of a famous artist, Mark Rothko, in the 1950s and his struggle to finish paintings for The Four Seasons. It includes a fictional assistant, Ken, to help expand on Rothko’s ideas on what life and art is all about.

The play was better than I thought it would be. There were scenes where I was totally enveloped in what was going on. I was completely pulled into this new world. It runs roughly 1 1/2 hours without an intermission. You can buy tickets through the link above. Prices run between $18 and $42. Red  is produced on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings and on Sunday afternoons. It runs until June 16th.

After the play I got to meet Dana backstage while she finished getting everything ready for the next performance. Then we went out to Applebee’s where we shared some dessert and we got drinks. She got a virgin mango daiquiri and I got a mango frozen lemonade. Dana’s drink was delicious and I’m definitely going to get that next time, mine was a bit too sweet. It was lovely going out with her.


Yesterday, Sunday, I got to see Lydia, Gene’s mom! She had a layover at the Denver Airport on her way back to Washington so I drove over to hang out. It was so nice to see her. We ate at Pour La France in the airport. It’s this little French bistro place. I had a turkey pesto sandwich that was delicious. The bread was slightly sweet and very light, which I love. We caught up and got to see an awesome Volkswagen completely covered in beads. When we first saw the car I thought it was painted, so when we got closer and I realized it was covered in tiny beads it made the car even cooler.

It’s called the Vochol and it’s incredibly gorgeous and amazing. The beads are in the Huichol style. The Huichol’s are an indigenous group of Mexico. There are 2,277,000 beads on that car! The Volkswagen will be in the Denver International Airport until August 31st so if you live in the area or have a layover go see it. It really is incredible artwork.

And so, my weekend has been full of fun times!

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