What I like Wednesday: r/aww

r/aww is a subreddit of reddit.com. reddit (no, it’s not capitalized) is a website where anyone can post links, questions, pictures, thoughts, etc. Others can either upvote or downvote the post whether they think the post is cool/thought-provoking/cute or not.  One can also make comments. There are subreddits (sections of reddit) dedicated to certain topics, and r/aww is one of those subreddits. Really I’m not that great at explaining it so just go to reddit and check it out yourself.

Anyways, r/aww is dedicated to really really cute things (animals, babies, what have you). It’s full of adorable pictures, perfect for that day when you’re feeling a bit down or when you just want to see something sweet. If you have your own pet you may want to consider posting pictures of him/her on r/aww.

So click the link above to see all the aww-inducing pictures. You won’t be sorry!

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