Cross that off my to-do list.

This morning I got my car’s emissions tested. You have to do that here in Colorado every so often. I had to get it done because I needed to get permanent license plates. Thankfully, it only took 10 minutes when the website said it would take at least 20.

Then, I headed over to the DMV so I could get my license plates before my temporary one expired (which it does so on Sunday). I waited for a little over 2 1/2 hours before I got to the counter. It was crazy.

Thankfully I had a book and my Kindle to keep me company. I also chatted with the people around me. One guy was trying to get temporary license plates for his dead brother’s car but the title was in the brother’s name and the insurance was in his name so he wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Hope it turned out okay for him.

I also talked to a Hispanic guy who told me about how diverse Denver was but how he and black people didn’t get along and how everyone thought he was in a gang. Then there was a very nice woman who had to come in today because she was locked out of the building yesterday (you have to be there before 4:30 when they lock the doors on you). She bet me $2.00 that she’d leave before me. And even though my number got called first, she only had to renew her car so she ended up leaving seconds before me!

I had a very interesting and pleasant time overall at the DMV. We’re all people,  it’s nice to remember that.

One of the couches I like

After getting my license plates I went over to Kaitlin’s cause her apartment was like a 5 minute drive away. We had lunch and then ran some errands. We stopped by American Furniture Warehouse where we browsed for possible couches and dining tables. I found two couches that I liked, I’ll have to see if I get either of them for my future apartment.

Pretty color for a pretty wallet.

Then we went over to Michael’s where I picked up some awesome blue duct tape. I plan on making a wallet out of it and maybe a hat if I have enough tape.

Now I’m enjoying dinner and will begin to move stuff from this apartment to the one across the hall. That’s right….we’re moving!

2 thoughts on “Cross that off my to-do list.

  1. Washington does emissions tests too 😀 Mine’s due this year, it’s like every three years or something like that! Thanks for reminding me because I forgot!

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