I officially have a job!

After a little over two months of looking, I can say I now have a job!

I am an Administrative Assistant: Sales for Dish Network. My main responsibility is that I process sales and create labels to make sure the right products are going to the right people.

I started last Friday.

Since April 17th I have applied to 38 jobs. I’ve gotten many automatic “no” emails and only five interviews. Three out of the five responded to me, the other two never bothered. And one decided to hire me!

I’m very excited about this job because I already like my coworkers and the work environment is amazingly awesome. I really think I’m going to enjoy working for Dish and plan on working there for quite a while.

I wanted to share the great news and encourage all of those out there looking for jobs. You can definitely get a job too, no matter your experience (seriously). Just keep looking and applying to jobs daily and you’ll get there.

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