What I like Wednesday: my new PC

The past few days I built my very own computer. A while ago I had decided that I needed a new computer and that I wanted a PC instead of a laptop. Originally, I was going to buy one instead of build one, but as time went on, I couldn’t find a computer that met all of my desires. I posted on reddit.com, asking them for advice on a computer for sale and many of them suggested I just build my own. And so the idea sprouted. I did research after research to figure out what parts I would need and what quality of parts I wanted. Reddit helped a lot (they have an entire subreddit dedicated to building your own pc) as well as Newegg (they have a series of videos on what you need to build your own pc and how to build it). After a lot of thought and a lot of exploration, I bought my very first piece: the CPU.

From there I bought the rest of my parts and waited until I moved into my new apartment to build it.

So last weekend, with Gene here (finally) I decided to build the pc. We started on Sunday and got all the way to putting the hard drive in. All we had left was to connect all the cables to the motherboard and other various devices so power could flow through. Monday night Gene and I connected everything we could and thought it was complete. So we plugged the computer into power and turned it on. But it wouldn’t turn on. I freaked out. I wasn’t sure if I had screwed up the motherboard (which would be horrible) or if I had gotten the wrong CPU. Gene thought he knew what the problem was: we didn’t have a cable for one section of the motherboard and we needed one but my CPU didn’t have a cable that fit that spot. Gene suggested I post on reddit to see if anything could be done so I did.

Tuesday morning I looked at the responses from reddit and was pretty sure one guy had given the correct solution. So I ran over to the computer, looked at it, saw that he was right, and plugged in what I needed to plug in. The computer turned on! We had another small mishap with the computer not reading the DVD drive but we got that figured out pretty quickly. So now, here I am, writing this on my new keyboard, looking at my new, awesome monitor.

I just want to say that the whole experience was great and that anyone, ANYONE, can build his/her own computer with some research and guidance. I’m so looking forward to playing games on here. The graphics are great and the screen is huge. And if anything ever happens I can totally open up my pc and dig around because now I know what goes into a computer!