What I like Wednesday: Trip to Grand Lake, CO

Gene and I at the local parade

Last week I spent my time in Grand Lake, Colorado, like last year. My parents, Gene, Kaitlin, Kevin, and Lydia, were all there as well.

I did A LOT of hiking. I hiked every day but one, I believe (although some of the hikes were only an hour or two I still count them). We had pretty good weather, even though the afternoons were usually cloudy and sometimes rainy. Like last year, we saw lots of moose and elk. We saw more deer this year too.

I had such a fantastic time. I really enjoy hiking and hanging out in Grand Lake, it’s such an awesome area. We saw a parade, went to a book sale, had a picnic, and roasted marshmallows in the national park.

One day, Gene, Kevin, and I hiked to Mount Ida (click here to see a map of the park, Mount Ida is a bit above the “O” in “Rocky”). We had started the hike last year (Kaitlin came too) but it started raining and we didn’t want to be caught above the treeline so we stopped. Most of the hike up to Mount Ida is on the tundra, aka: no trees. So we knew we needed to be up there around 11:30 am and be leaving around noon so as not to get caught by the usual daily thunderstorms/rain. We started the hike 8:10 am. It was early but somehow we made it there. It was one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever been on. I plan on doing reviews of my hikes so I won’t get into much detail but my gosh, was it gorgeous. We did get caught in a bit of rain, and that was scary, but we made it down safely. Watch out for my review of this hike, because I recommend it to anyone who is strong enough to hike for 5 hours.

Gene and Lydia doing push ups on the pier.

Another day we went to the Grand Lake Lodge and had breakfast. We actually “hiked” (it was more of a walk in the woods) to the lodge and met my parents there, which was really cool. They offer a breakfast buffet which is quite decent. They make you mini Belgian waffles and you can put chocolate chips in them if you want (do it, it’s delicious!). They also offer blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausage, potatoes, eggs, fruit and some bread products.  You can eat out on their patio and view Grand Lake from above, it’s very nice.

One of my favorite parts is when we went kayaking! We rented kayaks from a local kayak shop, Mountain Paddlers. It’s this tiny little shack by the water but man I love their kayaks. Lydia, Gene, Kaitlin, Kevin, and I all went! We paddled all the way to Shadow Lake (a lake that joins up with Grand Lake). Grand Lake was pretty choppy but immediately when we entered Shadow Lake the waters calmed. It was awesome.

A lot happened and I plan on writing more about it as the days go by so this is just a general overview. I hope all of you who read this have the chance to go to Grand Lake and the Rocky Mountain National Park one day because they are both very awesome and entertaining.

I have more pictures on Google + which you can see here.

View of Big Meadows


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