Update on my life: Botanic Gardens

First, let me say that the next few posts will probably be updates on things that I’ve done the past two weeks but just haven’t had the time to write about. Second, I have decided to write once a day in August so I can catch up on those things and stay up to date with my blog.

Okay, so two weeks ago, Lydia, Gene’s mom, came and hung out for a couple of days. She went up to the mountains with us (as mentioned in a previous post) and then stayed at our apartment for a day and a half. On one of those days we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens. I hadn’t been there in years (and years) and it seemed like a great idea so we went.

It was beautiful. And huge. I don’t think we saw everything because we skirted the gardens, sticking to the left, so there’s probably stuff in the middle we missed. We spent two hours there and could have stayed longer had it not been 100 degrees. The heat was amazingly crazy. Lydia bought some lemonade for us, so that helped a lot but oh man, it was bad out there.

The Gardens are quite impressive. The amount of plants is amazing. They have all different types of gardens. The website states how there are 42 different ones. Amazing! I really liked the herb garden because it smelled so lovely and I thought it was neat how the group who takes care of that garden ends up using the herbs to make infused oils that they sell! The Japanese Garden was also cool, especially since there was a covered bench area so I could sit in the shade. There’s a pond in the Japanese Garden which is very pretty and relaxing to look at.  I also really liked the bonsai section. Some of the trees were hundreds of years old and they had been taken care of for 30 or so years. There is also a tea house where tea ceremonies take place, which is awesome. When we went there it was closed but the outside is very pretty!

The Rock Alpine Garden was beautiful too because it reminded me of our time spent on the tundra of the Rocky Mountains. It was so neat to see some of the same, or similar plants, down in lower sea levels. Some of those plants are just amazingly beautiful, and to know that in the wild it takes them years and years of struggle to grow, makes it even more amazing.

What was kind of surprising was how many bees there were. There were a lot of bees. But they didn’t bother us! Gene was saying that the bees were way too overwhelmed with the amount of flowers that they had no time or inclination to be curious about us. And for that I’m glad.

There is also a green house which is impressive. We couldn’t go in, but you could see all the plants growing in there and it was fascinating. Some of the rooms in the greenhouse were just filled to the brim with plants and trees. Next to the green house was a building that had a greenhouse-type “room” that had loads and loads of tropical plants. That was fun. There was one palm tree that had HUGE palm leaves. I mean, they were ginormous. I told Gene that I could use one of those for an umbrella. He said he wasn’t even sure he’d be able to hold one up, they were that big. The flowers in the tropical room were gorgeous and all bright colors. I loved it. The reds were breathtaking.

I definitely recommend going to the Denver Botanic Gardens when you have the chance. Tickets are only $12 a person, and you can stay all day or come and go for the day. Gene and I almost bought a membership to the Gardens but have yet to do so, maybe next spring. The Gardens have a lot of cool programs and events too. They have tea ceremonies, as mentioned earlier, they have sunset walks, talks about fungi (which really interested Gene), talks about urban homesteading and gardening/planting/landscaping. There’s something for everyone, I would say. If you’re in the area, you should go at least once for a couple of hours to relax and enjoy the gorgeous life that surrounds us. There’s plenty of places to sit and I believe you can bring in food and drinks if you’d like.

I had a great time (besides almost getting overheated ;P ) and will go again in the future for sure!

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