Just a regular day

Back to work. Mondays are pretty busy for us in the warehous because orders from the weekend have backed up. And today, I got to do something that I don’t normally do, so it was an even more exciting day! Thankfully I really only made one mistake, and it didn’t cost too much so I think we’re good. I’m still learning and having to look at my notes for certain tasks but I’m feeling so much more comfortable with work and what I do than when I originally started. Still loving the job and the people. I’ve really lucked out with it, I have to say.

This evening, Gene made coconut curried veggies with rice for dinner. It was tasty, thanks Mom for sending me the recipe. I want to try out more recipes, like maybe one or two new ones a week, so that Gene and I can try more food stuffs. So if you guys have any ideas, let me know. Remember that we’re trying to be vegetarians 5 out of the 7 days of the week, but I’ll take meat suggestions too.

After dinner we went walking around a neighborhood. It’s still pretty hot out but it wasn’t too too bad. I listened to a podcast where this one woman who only has one full arm is able to hide that fact from almost everyone she meets by the way she acts and moves. So, everyone thinks she has both arms and they’re amazed when she tells them she doesn’t. Pretty cool.

And before I go, let me say how awesome it is that the Mars Curiosity rover landed safely last night. Gene and I watched the live stream for a bit where we saw the NASA scientists getting the confirmation that it landed. And then the first pictures came in. It was so inspiring and amazing. So many people worked so hard to send that rover to Mars and get it there in one piece. Congrats to everyone who worked on that.


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