Dinner with dear friends

Tonight I got to see two awesome people. I met Jessica and Meseret in Spain and it was a happy surprise that they lived in Colorado (at the time I lived in Washington but my parents lived here). I’ve loved getting to see them every so often and now that I live here I’ll hopefully get to see Meseret more often (Jessica now lives in Maine but is visiting).

After work I met them at Kona Grill in the Cherry Creek Mall. It’s the first time I’ve been to either the Grill or the mall. The mall is really big from what I saw, with loads of fancy stores. I was happy to go there because I needed to deposit my paycheck which supposedly is only able to be deposited at a Bank of America and the only ATM in Colorado is at the Cherry Creek Mall. There aren’t any Bank of Americas here. Boo. So I tried to deposit my check but the ATM wouldn’t take it. šŸ˜¦ So I gotta figure something else out now. Poo on you, Bank of America. You stink.

But that was the only downside to the evening. Dinner was awesome. I got to catch up with my friends and I had veggie sushi and some bbq chicken flatbread pizza. We took advantage of the happy hour they had which starts at 9pm. So my dinner only cost me $11, which is fantastic. I didn’t even eat it all!

At the end of our visit we saw a bit of a scuffle between one white guy and like 7 Asian guys. It was very odd and kinda scary but no one got hurt, at least not horribly. I don’t think any punches were thrown but shoves definitely happened. I wish I knew what they were fighting about.

And now I’m home, eating some chocolate chip cookies, and about to start readingĀ A Feast for Crows, the fourth book in theĀ Song of Ice and Fire series.

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