Saturday, Part 1: Gym and bagels

This morning, Gene and I got off our butts (mine being the particularly lazy one) and went to the gym at our apartment. The gym is pretty tiny and pretty crappy to be honest, but it was the best one out of all the apartments I looked at so at least that’s something, right? Anyways, we went because I had said yesterday that we would because we need to get/stay in shape. I did the bike but I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the seat higher (I think it’s broken) so it was kinda awkward. When I’m on the bike I like to pedal where when my foot is farthest away from me, my knee isn’t bent. But my knees were bent the whole time. Eh.

Gene went on the ellipitcal trainer because I had tried it twice before and I wanted him to see how hard it was. He of course did a harder setting than I did and proved he is in better shape than me. /sticks out tongue. Well bully for him. So now I have to work out more and harder and gain awesome muscles and be awesome.

After the gym and some showers we walked over to Panera Bread to get breakfast/lunch. It was noon by the time we got there, but that was our plan since we knew we’d have dinner around 6 and we wanted to be hungry. We got the 6 bagel deal again (much cheaper overall than just buying two bagels). I ordered chocolate chip, french toast, and cinnamon raisin swirl bagels. Gene got asiago cheese, sesame, and whole grain. See the difference between us? 😉

We each ate a total of 1 1/2 bagels at Panera and then walked back home.

I will tell the rest of my day tomorrow, and actually include pictures too!

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