Saturday, Part 2: DaVinci Exhibit and BBQ

Yesterday afternoon, Gene and I met up with Kaitlin and Kevin to visit the DaVinci Exhibit being shown in Denver. We were able to get the family pack (after a bit of arguing with the cashier), which cost us $40 total for the four of us. Otherwise, adults are $14.00 each. Honestly, it seems like a bit much for what the exhibit is, and although I did enjoy it and spent over an hour in there, I feel like the tickets could be cheaper (but I’m a cheap person so maybe others disagree?).

So the exhibit is one big room divided up by using paintings (replicas, of course) that DaVinci created. I liked that because I could see more stuff that he’s done than just the Mona Lisa. There are small scale models of DaVinci’s ideas and sketches. Next to each one is information about what it is and how it works. Some of the devices/machines, you can actually touch too, which to me is awesome. Did you know that he may have been the first to create a bicycle? No one is positive that he was the one to actually do it, but it is likely.

He also is one of the first to create a lifebuoy, those intertubes that are thrown to people that have been tossed overseas. In his notes, he mentions how the intertube is filled with air and that, if the waves are crashing over you and you can’t catch a breath, just use the little pipe/tube that is connected to the lifebuoy, and breathe in some oxygen. Not sure if that would have worked in reality, but it’s a nice idea and pretty smart!


He came up with a very simple way of making a bridge with material and pieces that anyone could find fairly easily. This way, an army could quickly make a bridge that would allow about three people to cross at once. There was a section of the exhibit where you could try to build your own bridge. The exhibit provided the notched wood, and you could put the wood together in attempt to make a bridge like the one to the right. When I went over there, a family was attempting to build it so I didn’t get to try but it looked difficult. The family was having a hard time putting it together, perhaps they just needed an extra hand or two.

DaVinci wrote a lot about devices for wartime. He drew up a design for a tank (it was pretty silly looking) and a device that could push ladders away from castle walls so that beseigers could not come over. He thought of this huge crossbow-like machine that would shoot off projectiles farther and faster.

One of my favorite parts of the exhibit was the 360 degree view I got of myself when I went into the little room full of mirrors. Haha. It was just cool to be able to see all angles of me and see how the image of me went on and on. I almost felt like I was in one of those hall of mirrors you can walk through in a carnival. There was a peephole in the room so someone on the outside could look in and see all angles of an object as well. It was cool.

After the exhibit we shopped around a bit and then headed to Daniel and Charity’s (Kaitlin and Kevin’s friends from church) house for a BBQ. I had met Daniel and Charity a couple of weeks ago when helping Kaitlin move, and I really liked them so I wanted to hang out again. There were a lot of young couples over, all from their church, so it was nice that Gene and I were invited. I had such a fantastic time. There was plenty of food, and I mean plenty. I was so impressed because most parties I’m iffy about getting seconds and I feel like I shouldn’t feel that way, but this party I had no problem getting more food. The food was good too, which is another problem with parties.

We ended up playing a game called Telephone Pictionary (I think). It’s where someone writes something (in this case we did movies) and then passes the paper to the next person. That person draws the movie and then hands paper to the next person who has to guess what the movie is and so forth. We change the game around a bit where everyone started out writing their own movie and passing the paper on. We did two rounds. I chose Toy Story as my first movie. The progession of that was hilarious. The first drawing led someone to guess The Mexican, which led to a drawing where the next person guessed Nacho Libre (at least that’s close to The Mexican). After that, the guess moved to Cheese Boomerang (Kaitlin guessed that). No idea why she wrote that, since it’s not even a movie, but we all laughed at that one. So from there the drawings where a bit odder and the last two guesses were Eating a Boomerang, and Boomerang Eater. Hahaha. The second round I chose Lord of the Rings. That kept going for a good while, when it turned into Cinderella and stayed that way.

I had a blast at the BBQ and am so thrilled I got to go. Didn’t get home until almost 11pm, which shows how awesome it was. Thanks everyone for  a great Saturday!

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