Random Thoughts

Been looking through all the photos people have tagged of me on Facebook. Haven’t done that in a while. I have a lot of good pictures. 😀 I sound very full of myself, I know, and I am a bit, to be honest. But after having horrid acne, it’s nice to know that I am pretty. The point is, go look at your own photos, it’s nice to reminisce and look at how awesome you are.

Gene made homemade peach ice cream today. All by himself. While I was at work. Go him! It turned out quite tasty too. And you know what the best thing is? He says he’s not going to eat that much so I’ll get most of it! Mwahahaha! He even followed the recipe, to the letter, which I wouldn’t have. So kudos to him.

I’ve been reading Ender’s Shadow recently. I took it to work the past couple of days and have just been gobbling it down. More than halfway through now. I don’t think it truly affects my work but I do feel like after I stop reading I’m a bit groggier. I wonder why. I’ll be done with it soon enough so it won’t matter. This means, of course, that I need to go get a library card asap so I can get the second book without much of a wait time. I also need to remember that I still have to finish the 4th book of the Song of Ice and Fire series and start and finish the 5th one. So many books! I’m so glad I’m young, I have plenty of time to read all the awesome books.


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