Day out with Dana!

Today I got to hang out with my long time friend, Dana! First we went and saw The Odd Life of Timothy Greena new movie about a little boy who magically appeared in a couple’s garden. It was a sweet and kind of tragic story. Not sure it’s really aimed at children, even though it is a Disney movie. Dana says she heard a couple of the little kids crying. Of course, kids cry in Homeward Bound and that’s a kid’s movie. Overall I enjoyed the movie. There are many laughs along the way and it’s a good message of how parents should and shouldn’t be. You do have to suspend disbelief for a while in regards to how Timothy came to be and how he exists. We went to the AMC Arapahoe Crossing 16 theater and it only cost us $5 a ticket (this was before 12 noon), which was awesome! Will definitely go back to that theater again.

After the movie, we had lunch at Zo Sushi and Thai. I had pineapple chicken fried rice and Dana had some kind of Japanese-style beef with some veggies and rice. My dish was very tasty. I’m not always a huge fan of the eggs in the fried rice but my goodness it was such great fried rice. It was soft and moist and delicious. I brought home a menu so Gene and I (and anyone else who wants to go) can go again. the prices weren’t horrible and during the week they have a special lunch menu that’s even cheaper.

When lunch was finished we hopped over to my apartment real quick to consolidate stuff and then drove to the Aurora mall. Dana bought some clothes at Macy’s and we bought cookie dough and some kitchen utensils at Target. Then we came back to my place and met up with Kaitlin and Kevin and of course, Gene, for dinner.

Gene and I had made lazy lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. It was really tasty and everybody seemed to enjoy it. We then made the cookies for desert. We played BS and Chez Geek. Gene won both games (surprise surprise).

It was such a lovely day, we’ll definitely do it again!

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