What I like Wednesday: My dyed hair!

I dyed my hair (see above)!

Actually, I didn’t dye it. Kaitlin was awesome enough to do the job. This was her first time dying hair too, and look how fantastic it turned out?! I’m so super pleased and happy.

I had been thinking about dying my hair for a month or so now and finally got the nerve to buy the kit and do it. (The box cost less than $4 so I had to get it!) I wanted to dye my hair either a dark brown or a bright bright red. And since the brown was much easier to come by and more socially acceptable (wasn’t sure how work would take the color) I chose it.

So look at my picture and enjoy my new look!

2 thoughts on “What I like Wednesday: My dyed hair!

  1. If you ever are daring enough to dye it on your own, they make dyes that are foam, and are SUPER easy to use on your own! They’re also pretty cheap too! (I thought I posted this yesterday!)

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