Thinking back on my childhood

I feel like I’ve been reminiscing about my childhood for a month now.

A couple weeks ago, my coworker and I were remembering all the awesome shows and movies we used to watch as kids on Nickelodeon and Disney. Man, those were good times back in the day. Hey Arnold. Rugrats. Even Stevens. Lizzie McGuire. Kablam! Eureeka’s Castle.

Then we started talking about the toys we played with. Light Brite. Tamagotchi. Bopit. Cabbage Patch dolls.

And then the other day, Kaitlin and I chatted about old childhood tv shows too.

And finally, this evening I got an email from Pinterest where one of the boards I’d love was “Childhood Memories“.  More walks through memory lane! Silly puddy (I have some at my desk now). Hugga Bunch. Twister. Mr. Rogers. Push Pops.

Oh. My childhood all wrapped up in one website. I love thinking about all the awesome times I had. I hope kids have awesome times now-a-days, cause it just seems like everything is a lot crappier. Of course, that could just be my perception and my archaic thinking that the stuff of my time is fantastic when in reality it may be just as crappy.

Anyway, childhood should be magical and wonderful and mine was so I’m happy. Now to look forward to the present and future as well!

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