Partying it up in here

Just got back from a birthday party. At midnight! We got there at 9 pm, a time where I am normally at home by. I’m not really a night person, or a partier, so this was big for me.

It was a party for one of the guys who works at Dish with me. I was a bit nervous because I was only going to know two other people there but it turned out to be pretty darn fun.

I brought some homemade chocolate peanut butter rice krispie treats (no marshmallows though) and they were a big hit. The one downfall to the evening was that Ryan’s (the birthday boy) daughter didn’t like me. Um…sadness. Why do some kids totally hate me? I don’t get it. I’m nice, I talk to them and ask them questions. WTF?

Whatever little girl.

The rest of the day I totally lazed around. I mean, I was lazy. I chose today to be my lazy day and I made great use of it. I watched a lot of shows, read, and browsed the internet. That’s why I’m just now posting. 😀

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