Another day in the life of me

I worked alone for the last two hours of work today. I knew my coworker wouldn’t be here today so it wasn’t a surprise. I wasn’t too nervous either since I had done it once before and because the tasks I needed to do have been pretty much drilled into my head for a while now.

I only had one problem (the last time I had two, so I’m pleased). Not sure how, or if, I could have avoided it and my manager didn’t seem too worried so I’m sure it’ll work out in the end. Point is, I made it without any huge problems. šŸ˜€

Gene made tuna melts for dinner tonight. As part of our being part time vegetarians, we’re also slowly trying to eat more seafood (we don’t count it as meat since it’s quite healthy for us and we don’t eat it often). Since I don’t really like anything from the sea, it’s a bit difficult for us to eat fish as much as we should but I figured I could try tuna. The problem with tuna, for me, Ā is that it still has that fishy smell and taste. You can’t get rid of it. However, drowning it in cheese definitely helps. The tuna melt was pretty tasty, I had a pickle with it too and that was good. I think we can put tuna melts on our list of meals we’ll have again.

Gene and I finished readingĀ A Spell for ChameleonĀ tonight. It’s a fantasy book by Piers Anthony. His writing style seems quite juvenile to me and sometimes it really frustrates me. I feel like I could write that book. But once you overcome that, the story is cool. I got into it. I am a bit disappointed in what Bink’s magic power is but maybe I just expected more because I’ve read books likeĀ Harry PotterĀ andĀ Lord of the Rings. /Shrug. It’s a fairly quick read if you read often enough (we read it out loud so it took us longer). If you’re looking for an easy fantasy book, you might want to try this out. We plan on reading the next book in Anthony’s Xanth series, so I’ll let you know if they get any better or worse.

Have a book recommendation for me? Let me know!

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