What I like Wednesday: paint chip collage

Paint samples collage close up

My mom had shown me this link a while ago for an idea of a piece of artwork I could make for my apartment (I wanted to do my own stuff so it was more personal). It’s a blog post about how to make a pretty, colorful piece of art out of paint samples.

I love colors. I especially love bright colors. So this project appealed to me instantly.

I did things a bit differently than Jennifer (the author) did. First, I got the sturdiest poster board I could find. It was pretty thick, about an inch. Then, I skipped painting it (I’m going to cover it with paint samples, so it’s really not necessary).

Then, I cut off the text that is on the paint chips. It looks like Jennifer kept them on but I didn’t want to see any words on my piece so I used a paper cutter to chop them off.

Once I had all the paint chips ready, I laid them out on the poster board to see how it would look. When I was satisfied, I took it outside and moved the paint chips to the side. Then I took the spray-on adhesive, sprayed a section of the poster board, and started sticking on the paint chips. I really should have wiped down my table first because dirt flecks got everywhere (on the board and on the paint samples) so that was a bit frustrating.

It took a bit of time (although not too too long) to glue down all the paint samples. Once I was done I let it dry overnight. Then I modged podged it 2 1/2 times (the half was me touching places up) over the course of a couple of days (I was lazy).

View of the collage in all its glory

I skipped staining it because why would I want to darken the awesome, bright colors? Uh, I don’t!

Now it’s sitting on top of my mantelpiece, looking fantastic. I think I’ll end up framing it and hanging it but right now, it’s perfect.

So if any of you are looking for an easy and fun project, I suggest this. You can do it in faster time than I did most likely. And you can choose to do whatever size artwork you want! Check out the link above for more detailed instructions and share pictures of your results if you end up doing it too!

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