It’s Friday, let the weekend begin!

I wonder if I have similar blog titles every Friday…

Today was one of my coworker’s last days of work. I made some chocolate chip cookies (she really liked them when I brought them in before) and my other coworkers brought in tres leches cake and brownie bites. Yum. We signed a card for her and ate way too much dessert before lunch. I’m sad to see her go and wish her all the best.

Gene and I went to King Soopers tonight after work. Food is expensive. Life is expensive. But you gotta live it nevertheless.

Anyway, I finally got a King Soopers card. And the cashier said the card had a little over 4,000 points because he had been using it for whenever someone didn’t have  card. So he suggested that I go use the points to get gas because I the points can be used for a discount. I’m so glad he told me that because otherwise I would not have even thought of it. But because of him I got over 5 gallons of gas for a little over $7.00.

Holy. Moly.

That’s really cheap. I mean, that’s about half a tank for me. And half a tank usually costs around $20. So yay! YAY!

And then I got home and realized we had a whole bunch of canned pineapples from Costco that we had forgotten about. So yay for that too! It’s a great start to the three day weekend!

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