Hike at Castlewood Canyon

Gene and I went to Castlewood Canyon yesterday for a short day hike. Since I have a three day weekend this week (yay Labor Day) we thought we should go do something outdoors.

It’s about 45 minutes away from Aurora and only costs $7.00 for a day pass. There are a lot of different trails, many of which connect to one another so you can walk all over the canyon. Most of the trails are paved so they’re great for the majority of people. Gene and I ended up taking the East Canyon Trail, a 4 mile hike that takes you into the East Canyon Preservation Area and away from the road (see map). The trail was unpaved and only with the help of  little piles of rocks along the path, did we know where to go.

It was a really good day for hiking yesterday. It was in the 80s, and for the most part there was a slight breeze. A good portion of the time it was cloudy too so, although we were hot, we weren’t sweating buckets. It sprinkled on us once or twice but never rained, so the hike went wonderfully.

We saw at least 10 little lizards on our hike. They blend in so well with the rock that I’m sure we missed loads more. We also saw tons of little chipmunks. They are so adorable. And so fast. It was really difficult to snap a picture of them. By the time I got my camera out and pointed in their general direction, they were already gone. Once we saw two chipmunks sniffing each other. I swear that one of them was wagging its tail. So cute.

Castlewood Canyon is a cool place because it’s more of a desert region than a mountain, forest region. The canyon walls are so fascinating. The way the rocks are shaped is really cool. There are many crevices and overhanging rocks. The rocks themselves are gorgeous. The large rocks have smaller rocks embedded in them, which is awesome. And the smaller rocks that have fallen out are smooth and colorful and pretty.

We saw lots of little cacti too. I even found one that was in the shape of a heart!

It was a lovely hike and took us less than 2 1/2 hours. If you want to do this hike, or any other hike at the Canyon, I suggest you bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and maybe some bug spray. There are picnic tables for use, although because of the fire ban, you aren’t able to use the grills. Right now the park is open until 9pm. Go enjoy the warm weather while you can!

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