What I like Wednesday: Homemade fly swatter

Yesterday there was a huge fly buzzing around the office. It landed on my arm once. And that was the beginning of the end.

After putting hand sanitizer on my arm, I set about making my own fly swatter. I hate flies. In my old house in Washington, there used to be a fly infestation every year. They always flew around the basement…where my bedroom was. So that whole situation has left me with a gigantic hatred of flies (who likes them in the first place, anyway?).

So I started out just rolling up a piece of paper and then flattening it. But that was pretty flimsy. So I folded another piece of paper into a square and taped it to the long paper. It was still kinda flimsy so I cut out cardboard in both shapes and taped them onto the paper. Then I wrote a couple of things and….TA DA

The pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize that they’re small.

The side on the left says “I eat flys for breakfast” (yes, I spelled “flies” wrong, don’t know how that happened). And the one on the right says “Fly Killer”.

So…back to the story. I made the fly swatter and waited around for the right opportunity but the fly didn’t come back. I went to lunch, came back, and still no fly. Such a bummer. But later in the evening, when it was just me and my coworker left, I heard the buzz. That horrible buzzing and the flicker of black out of the corner of your eye. So I hopped up, grabbed my swatter, and literally jogged around the office, trying to find it.

I saw it land on a filing cabinet so I sneaked up on it and WHAM! I missed it. I was so disappointed.

I lost the fly. I wandered around a bit but couldn’t find it. …Then I looked up. And there it was, on a light. I moved slowly toward it, reached my hand upward, and WHACK, I HIT IT!

I hit it with my homemade fly swatter and it went crashing to the floor.

I was so proud of myself. Hence, here I am posting about it. 😀

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