What I like Wednesday: The benefits of creativity

An article titled, “Want to Live Longer? Be More Creative” explains how one study found that  “creative thinking may have led to a 12% reduction in mortality risk” for older men (for some reason no women were included in the study).

Not only does creative thinking and creative activities (writing, cooking, making something, etc) help keep the brain engaged and strong, says the article, but it also helps reduce stress. It also mentions how creative thinking can help improve our health by reducing our metabolic risk.

I love knowing that doing creative things is beneficial, and beneficial in more than one way! This is a great reason to start engaging in activities that challenge the brain but are also very rewarding. Start a blog (or a journal or a story)! Create a painting! Do a craft! Build something!

There is so much that we can do. I plan on thinking creatively for the rest of my life. What about you? 😉

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