What I like Wednesday: Feast of Fiction

I learned about this YouTube channel from Felicia Day’s channel, Geek and Sundry (check them out, Tabletop is an awesome series).

Feast of Fiction is a channel where, every week (or, at least they used to do it every week, nothing new for two months now) they demonstrate how to make a dessert/drink/dish from a movie or tv show.

They have such items as Harry Potter’s butterbeer, Narnia’s Turkish Delight, and the cake from Portal!

Although I’m not a huge fan of some of the food, most of it looks good. They do a pretty great job at explaining  how to make each dish as well. And I believe the recipe is in the description section too if you need more clarification.

I liked the video where they made fish sticks and custard, Doctor Who’s favorite food! It’s a great channel for getting ideas for future themed parties. Check them out!

(I tried adding the Doctor Who video but it kept putting up the Season 2 trailer instead, so, just click on the link to their channel instead)



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