Meatless Monday: Black bean burger

This isn’t really a recipe, per say. It’s just an idea for dinner that I really enjoy.

The other night Gene and I decided to have black bean burgers with sweet potato fries. We got both at Costco. Sure you can make your own homemade, but this is so much faster and more convenient. And it’s delicious too so you’re not losing out.

Follow the instructions to cook the fries and the burgers (not sure what temperature the burgers are supposed to be at – threw away the box- so I just put them in with the fries for the same time and flipped them once).

Once cooked, I toasted some bread and used it as my bun (although a real bun would have been tasty). I put on some lettuce, cheese, and mayo. I added a pickle to the side and voila, my dinner was ready.

The black bean burgers do have a bite to them. Thankfully the cheese and mayo help tone it down.

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