What I like Wednesday: Halloween potlucks

Today my work had a potluck. I brought chocolate chip walnut cookies. Gene was such a lovely person and made the dough for me. It was sitting there waiting to be baked when I got home from work yesterday.

Anyways, the potluck was pretty cool. I was a bit iffy on if people would actually bring stuff but my goodness, loads of people brought food. It was quite impressive. I ate chips and beans, bbq meatballs and rice, tuna macaroni salad and a bit of pasta salad, rice and beans, and chili.

And, of course, for dessert I had a Krispy Kreme doughnut, chocolate pudding with crushed oreos (I think) and a bit of white cake.

I think I was eating off and on for two and a half hours. It was quite the day.

I was originally going to dress up as a nerd with my suspender pants I have, but those pants were way too wrinkly so I wore one of my Star Trek badges instead. I think my outfit was pretty snazzy, even though it wasn’t too authentic. Maybe next year I’ll actually have a “real” Star Trek uniform to wear!

It was a fun, happy, full day. And I got to go home at 7 instead of 8! Yay for Wednesdays!

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