What I like Wednesday: Birthday celebrations

Tardis cookie jar that Gene got me!

Welp, I am 24 now. My golden birthday has come and gone and I don’t feel much different. I do have some new cool stuff though.

Saturday morning, Gene made me orange rolls for breakfast and served it to me in bed. It was very yummy and very filling since the two of us shared a whole can of rolls.

I puttered around for a bit and then we walked to Walgreens to see if they had any wood. They didn’t. 😦 I’m determined to have a fire in my fireplace but as of yet have not purchased wood. It’ll happen!

So we came back home and I decorated for Christmas while Gene made cookies. Then I made chess bars.

One of the squishy dice I got from my parents!

Later on we went over to my parents’ place so we could play Gloom, a game Lydia got us! It was the first time my dad had played and he did really well. It’s such a fun game, anyone who visits me should play it!

We all had a family dinner (chicken enchilada casserole) and opened presents. People wished me happy birthday on Facebook and I had an all around wonderful day. I still can’t believe I’m this old but what can I do about it?! 🙂


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