Holiday recap: Day with Kaitlin

A week or so before Christmas I took a day off so I could hang out with my twin sister, Kaitlin. She teaches second grade at a private school and I had been wanting to meet her kids and see her classroom for quite a while so we chose a date and I arrived.

First, I had to be at her house by 7:40 am.  Now for most people that is early but for me it’s even earlier because I don’t have to be at work until 11:30 am so I’m NEVER up that early. Somehow I got up in time and drove to her apartment so we could ride to her school together.

The first thing everyone did was go to chapel (because it was Friday) for some singing and a quick lesson.  We sang songs for what seemed like an hour. It was very tiring and I was feeling a bit sick so that made things stretch on even more. One of Kaitlin’s students really liked me though from the start so she kept putting her arm around me and hugging me. It was very sweet and helped make that time better. They did have a couple of cool songs with some awesome hand gestures. And they let the kids go up to the front if they wanted and sing to the rest of us.

After that the kids finished up a little craft project where they got to color paper puppets of the Nativity (Mary, Joseph, donkey, etc). Then we put on a “puppet” show. Every kid had a part, even Kaitlin and I so no one was really watching it. I ended up being  Joseph because no one wanted him. Hahaha.

Lunch came soon after and flew by. Talked to some random kids in the cafeteria. Three young girls had decided they were no longer going to speak to each other but rather use hand gestures to “talk”. It was very interesting but thankfully they paused in that endeavor for a moment to tell me all about it.  😉

There was also a little kindergartner who kept pretending to take imaginary food from the snack cart since he didn’t have any money. He was a very hungry boy.

There was a math lesson later on where Kaitlin tried teaching the kids how to add 10 to a number. They were just not getting that concept. It was quite intriguing how difficult it was for them. It comes so naturally now that I never realized how hard it must have been for me to understand.

Later on we had a birthday party for Jesus where the 8th graders came and hung out and we had some cake and decorated some paper stockings. One little girl gave me the stocking she made. It was really cute and I decided I’m going to keep it. She handed it to me and then she said, “Guess what? I’m an Indian.” I responded with, “You are? That’s cool.” I was laughing inside my head. Why she felt the need to tell me she was Indian I have not a clue. But it was funny.

School ended and even though I barely did anything, I was really tired. And it was only three!

Kaitlin and I went to Michael’s afterward so I could find some fabric to make a bib for my mom’s Christmas present (inside joke). Then we picked up some groceries and headed back to Kaitlin’s to rest a bit and then have dinner.

The rest of my family joined us for dinner and then I went back home to get some sleep. It was a fun, sometimes crazy, tiring day. Not sure I’d cut it as a teacher. I hope to visit them again sometime!

2 thoughts on “Holiday recap: Day with Kaitlin

  1. Aww you just made my day! I’m so glad you could come- it meant a lot to me. My kids loved having you and still talk about wanting you to come back!

    Well I’m off to Literacy Day! Everybody is dressing up as a book character. I’m “Bad Kitty”.

    Can’t wait for you to visit again! You’re welcome any time. Love you, Lauren! 🙂

  2. Aww this was a cute post! I have to give lots of compliments to Kaitlin, she has a tough job, but she’s definitely someone I’d want teaching my kids (if I had any lol)

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