Holiday recap: Fiona and New Year’s Eve

My very dear friend, Fiona, got to come visit me this holiday season. She was one of my roommates in college and lives in Scotland, so it was an awesome treat for her to be able to come.

The first full day she was here, we went to Lookout Mountain as well as Buffalo Bill’s grave. There were some really beautiful views of Colorado and Denver.

Then we drove down to Golden and had sandwiches at Jimmy John’s for lunch with some frozen yogurt for dessert. I was iffy on getting something frozen since it was pretty cold outside but that mango yogurt was fantastic, maybe the best frozen yogurt I’ve had. We headed up to Red Rocks after before it got too dark. It’s quite impressive how much wind there is up there. We walked around the museum for a bit and then went back to Golden for a tour of the Coors Beer factory. Sadly the wait was 1 1/2 hours and none of us really wanted to do that so we went back home. We’ll just have to take a tour another time! It is free for those of you interested in it, and it’s fairly close to Denver so it’s a great half day or day trip.

2012-12-30 12.14.18

Lydia and Dave arrived on New  Year’s Eve so we all went downtown to watch the fireworks. The lightrail was free so we took that and were privileged enough to sit near a girl who threw up all over herself. Only 10:30 and she was already so drunk she almost passed out. It was pretty sad. None of her friends were prepared either so no one had water or napkins. It was embarrassing and I wasn’t even in their group.

We walked around downtown in the freezing weather and watched fireworks go off at midnight. Someone sprayed champagne over everyone ( it did not taste good). Then we headed straight back home and got to be squeezed in on the lightrail. Gene almost got his head chopped off when he stuck it out of the door and it began to close. But he made it in the end! 🙂

I think next year if I go downtown I’ll go to the 9:00 fireworks show, hopefully it’ll be less crowded and there will be less drunk people and then I can ring in the new year in my warm home. I did have fun and enjoyed the show but dang was it cold!

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