Productive Weekend!

2013-01-13 20.58.28This past weekend I was pretty dang productive. I deposited a check at the bank, got my oil changed, and went grocery shopping. And that was all on Saturday!

I also played a game called Terraria. It’s a Steam game that Elisabeth got me for Christmas! It’s similar to Minecraft in that you can build a house, dig up dirt, rock, and other metals and monsters come out at night. It is a 2D game in contrast, however, and it promises to be a very in-depth, detailed world. This is my third character  I’m playing with, I was a very confused player my first two characters (it doesn’t come with instructions) but I’m finally getting it!

Sunday, we had Kaitlin and Kevin over for dinner and for some DIY time! Gene and Kevin were kind enough to mount our TV. The TV had been sitting on the kitchen table for the past month or so, pushed up against a corner, blocking the door to the patio. Now I have my table back and we have so much more space! Thank you guys for reading all the instructions and getting creative with tightening screws.

2013-01-13 21.02.49For dinner we used my friend Katie’s recipe for homemade taquitos. I LOVE this recipe. I wish I had known about this years ago, it’s easy to make and is so delicious. After mounting the TV we made a fire in the fireplace (first time ever!) and roasted marshmallows for smores! It was so much fun.

Great weekend, great people, and great productivity!

2013-01-13 20.58.21

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