Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park

2013-01-19 15.25.07This past Saturday, my family (minus Kevin who was feeling sick) went up to Estes Park for lunch and then walked around a bit in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We ate at Notchtop Cafe, a place that my family enjoyed the last time we went up that way. This time around I had the steak sandwich (steak strips, peppers, onions, and cheese) with their homemade potato chips. It was delicious and the sandwich was so nice and hot.

After lunch we went into the Rocky Mountain National Park where we made our obligatory stop at the Alluvial Fan. I had never been there during winter before so it was so much fun to see the whole waterfall section frozen over! All that snow and whiteness you see in the picture on the left, is where water usually is during the summertime. How crazy is that?!

It was frozen enough that Gene and I walked around on it! Although it was pretty slippery at times, neither of us fell once. We could hear the water running under the ice in certain spots, and even saw a section where the ice had melted and you could see the water! It was a lot of fun and because it is winter, not many people were there, and that made it even more enjoyable!

Then we headed over to the Deer Mountain Trailhead (see it on the map here). I had wanted to go on the hike this summer/fall but it just never happened. So I was glad we got to walk for a bit on it! There was snow in certain areas but it was very manageable. My dad, Gene and I walked for a while. The whole trail is 6 miles total so we didn’t get close to finishing, but it was a good start to make sure we’d be interested in it later this year.

There are some great views on this trail and you only have to walk for about 15, 20 minutes to get them. The parking is only on the side of the road so I imagine in the summertime it’s pretty packed but it’s definitely worth another shot! (We think we might even have seen Mt. Ida from the other side, but we weren’t positive)

2013-01-19 16.06.42

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