Day Hike: Spruce Mountain Trailhead

2013-02-02 12.15.27Where: Larkspur, Colorado

Time it took to drive there: less than an hour

When we arrived: 12 pm

Length of trail: 5.5 miles

Time it took to hike: about 2 1/2 hours

Gene and I went on a short day hike yesterday. We found a trail near Larkspur, Colorado called the Spruce Mountain Trailhead. It’s about 5 miles past Larkspur. We discovered this after driving around the town for a bit trying to find the trail.

We arrived at 12 pm and there were a 3 or 4 parking spaces open so I felt like that was a good sign. A full parking lot means a lot of people, and that’s not what we aim for. On the first part of our hike we ran into only three sets of hikers. We saw the most people on the Mountain Top Loop part, which is about 2.5 miles long.

The hike was very pleasant. The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday for a hike. The path switches between being in a forest-like setting and being exposed to the sun. This is great because once you start getting hot you get to cool off under some shade and vice versa. There was snow in many parts but nothing too slippery. My hiking boots had no trouble with traction.

We didn’t walk the full 5.5 miles yesterday because we took a shortcut trail at the end that gave us only about 5.1 or 5.2 miles. Had we done the full 5.5 miles I think it would have taken us 2 1/2 hours, instead of the 2 hrs and 15 minutes it did take us.

Next to the Spruce Mountain trail is a meadow trail that Gene and I plan on doing at some point. It looks great for bikes so if I ever end up getting one we’ll have to try it out.

There are some really pretty views on this hike and considering how close it is to a highway, it was relatively quiet. We’ll definitely go back.

2013-02-02 13.56.07

2 thoughts on “Day Hike: Spruce Mountain Trailhead

  1. wow… I’m so happy that you guys have such opportunities for all that natural beauty and great CO fresh air and that you take advantage of them! Good for you!

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