Meatless Mondays: Side Day!

2013-02-11 20.39.06Gene had a great idea to do a “side day” for dinner one night last week. So we made any and every side we wanted, didn’t matter if they didn’t really go together.

We ended up with: broccoli cheese rice, mashed potatoes, mangoes, carrots, celery, baked beans and pickles.

It sounded like an interesting but possibly bad idea when Gene first mentioned it, but it turned out fantastic. We’ll definitely do this again.

I forgot to make some green beans, which would have helped balance the carbs I was eating, but there’s always next time!

This meal has endless possibilities. More fruit. More vegetables. More…beans?

I think it’s fantastic to do something a bit more “fun” for dinner every so often, and this was really fun for me. Even as an adult, eating a non-traditional dinner makes me giggle!

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